Welcome to Imana Medicine!

6923_1252705195869_7506244_nWelcome to IMANA MEDICINE. I am Annie Rafter, an GYN Nurse Practitioner since 1976. I believe that western allopathic medicine offers good options in some health issues and not in others.In 1980 I expanded my practice to include alternative and functional medicine approaches to support your health/disease concerns that were not resolved through only allopathic approaches.  I have learned much of what I know and do by researching applications that work. Our bodies, minds and spirit are all one and subjective information can be as valuable as the objective information from tests and examinations. You need time  to be listened to about  your experience with your body and with your health issues.  We work together to investigate your problems and possible solutions. In our interaction I offer information about your health , your specific condition and also supportive preventative health practices.

WHAT WE OFFER.The best health care occurs when you are offered a mixed approach to your issue. I use western medicine and traditional medicine with some less obvious approaches. An example of this is using the Quantum Biofeedback Indigo coming from a medical background. I have been working with women since graduation from nursing school in 1968. Since many women only see a gynecologist for health care, I have learned how to handle many of the medical/health issues we develop.  Many of these problems occur to men as well and I do work with men on fatigue, treatments of colds and flu, Quantum Biofeedback and Male Hormone Pellets.

On the left side of this page you will find a list of the health conditions with which we work. Many of these combine with each other. I offer you both and not either/or. Clicking on them will take you to more information about our approach.