About Annie Rafter

annie_about_2013I graduated from Boston University Nursing School in 1968 and worked as a RN in pediatrics until 1970, when I shifted to Obstetrics and Gynecology. From 1970 to 1979, I was the Nurse Administrator of the New England Trophoblastic Disease Center,  a Childbirth Educator and Labor Coach at Boston Lying in Hospital. Working in the Harvard Medical School Complex in Boston,  I witnessed really good western medicine practices, and what it did and did not do well. Since there were so many great doctors doing good work, I decided to focus on the problems that western medicine did not handle well. Problems such as PMS , chronic vaginitis, and other chronic medical issues that would not take your life but that would make your life difficult. This has taken me on a journey of investigating many different approaches to health issues. Along the way I have picked up some jewels that are not common to allopathic care.

In 1980 I moved back home to Maine and began to explore complementary and alternative (CAM) approaches  to western medicine. After a sabbatical of 12 months to go sailing and traveling, I began an independent Nurse Practitioner Practice called “Women to Women” with Marcelle Pick, RN CNP.  In 1985 Marcelle and I joined with doctors Christian Northrup and Mary Ellen Fenn and relocated to a Victorian house in Yarmouth Maine. We offered a practice run by women for women. Women to Women still exists today in the capable hands of Marcelle Pick.(link)

In 1989 Spirit called me to Santa Fe. I worked with Dr. Trevor Hawkins until he decided to specialize in HIV treatment. In 1994 I opened another independent NP practice in Women’s Health and have been in practice since.

When asked if I plan to retire, my answer is “No”. I love working with women to improve their health and intend to continue doing so as long as I can.

Credentials and Alter, Annie's office.

Credentials and Alter, Annie’s office.