VibrationsI work with many women who have multiple problems with their health. I also work with women who have problems balancing their hormones no matter what we try. Doing research on all these issues I began to suspect toxins, both man made and natural.

The work up for  a person for all possible toxins is very expensive, so I kept researching and found two very good Neutracutical Companies that both used the same questionnaire to evaluate probable toxic exposure. In a double blind  prospective study of the questionnaire  was 98% accurate in predicting toxic load.

If you have any complicated medical issues that are not responding to normal treatment approaches I encourage you to complete the questionnaire. If you are alive and over 30 I also encourage you to complete the questionnaire. Why wait until you are sick. The higher your score above 24, the more you need a good detox. If your score is elevated, your next step is to find out how much of it is caused by heavy metals such as Lead and Mercury. This is best done by taking a mild chelating agent and collecting a 24 hour urine. Hair analysis is frequently used and I find it can be inaccurate because of contamination by hair products.

Detoxification can be done in many different ways. Heavy metals are traditionally done with IV Chelation.  There are many natural substances that  assist in detoxification. In about 2008 I found that I had a very elevated level of all but one of the toxic elements. I did some extensive research into how to detox. I was uncomfortable with IV Chelation because of the level of bad reactions in many of the people I knew who were doing it.

I prefer a combination of the program put together by Biotics Research and the use of a polypeptide spray called Metal Free. If you are very toxic (high score) you will need to prepare yourself for the detox gradually by doing a cleanse of your kidney, bowel and liver. This is followed by three weeks of anti-inflamatory herbs and then the detox program that can last 10-30 days depending on how you tolerate the process.  Heavy metal detox can take three to six months and sometimes more. Remember, it took years to build up and it can take time to gently remove toxins.

I have been doing detox with many people for 7 years(in 2014) and I find most everyone ends feeling much better. I document this by redoing the Toxic Questionnaire. As the number drops the symptoms are less.