Genomic Testing

We are beginning to be able to work with your genes to determine what is the best life style and medical approach for you to enhance your health and well being. Genomics is one part of doing customized integrative ( western and traditional) medicine. It helps to provide clarity about what is unique to you. If you spend significant money on supplements you may want to have testing to see if what you are using is specifically supporting your genetic makeup.

Genetic testing is used to determine what predisposition you have towards a specific disease issue such as cardiac disease, osteoporosis , diseases involving inflammation etc. Since your genes interact with the environment to cause or avoid diseases, this information will tell us what environmental factors you need to either avoid or supplement.

GENOMICS is the study of chromosomes for damage called SNPs (“snips”) . When damage to specific chromosomes occurs it causes a response in our body that can impairs function and creates disease. These damages will make your body more likely to develop certain medical problems such as

  • heart, cardiac and vascular diseases
  • toxin damage from an inability to properly detox through our liver
  • sex hormone related illnesses
  • cancer
  • strokes
  • immune system disabilities

I use Genova Diagnostics Lab in North Carolina to do these tests. The test is done on a swab taken from your cheek.

unnamedI find these tests very helpful for people who are not responding normally to treatments that I would expect to work. They are also available if you are interested in how you can enhance your health and extend your life. We can check to see if there is a supplement you should be taking, or if there is a kind of medication that you should be avoiding.

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