I Don’t Feel Well, My Doc Says I Am Fine…
And I Know I Am Not.

I don’t feel well. I have a list of symptoms that bother me. My doctor says I am fine but I don’t feel fine.

This is one of the most challenging complaints I hear and one with which I love to work. Not feeling well almost always comes from multiple issues that add up to improper nutrition, hormonal and/or digestive dysfunction, lack of exercise and a body load of natural and man-made toxins.  I do not have a “protocol” to put you through to diagnose and treat you. I listen to your medical, social and spiritual history.We discuss the options I see to unravel your unique concern.

Following in a list of tools I can use in the exploration for cause and plan for treatment.

Health Assessment Questionnaire
This divides complaints into physical and mental categories so we can concentrate on the areas that are showing most need.

Identi-stress Questionnaire
Looks at adrenal problems and the likely supplements to correct the imbalance.

Toxic Load Questionnaire
Addresses a list of symptoms evaluated based on frequency and severity. This has shown to correlate to toxic load found through blood and urine testing. This does not tell us what the toxins are nor if they are man made or naturally occurring toxic minerals such as lead and mercury. A urine test is required to evaluate metal toxicity.

I love questionnaires because they are free and because they involve subjective responses. I find this is a good way to let your body’s wisdom speak within and through the objective facts.


In the USA there are a number of excellent “ specialty” labs that do testing on issues standard labs do not address:

  • Toxic Element Testing
  • Nutri Eval
  • Complete Hormone 24 hour urine for sex and adrenal hormones
  • Comprehensive Digestive System Analysis
  • Adrenal Stress Profile
  • Complete Thyroid Analysis
  • Genomics

Most importantly, we conduct a thorough interview (“History”) and physical exam. The History and Physical provide the clues that suggest the direction for further investigation and/or treatment. All testing is used in the context of your illness, its unique pattern and how healing (or lack of it) unfolds as we unravel the condition. It is  as important to look at, and build on, what works to assist your body in returning to its healthly homeostasis.

Please bring to your appointment all the exams and lab tests you have had concerning your situation.