Nutritional Evaluation and Program for Supplementation

With all the supplements available, do you wonder what you need to be taking? Most of us do.

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I believe that supplemental nutrients need to be taken for short periods of time and then reassessed. If you have too little of a needed nutrient, you will have health issues. It turns out that your body will ignore a nutrient if there is too much of it circulating in your blood. This is similar to insulin resistance and hormone resistance.

I also believe, from the bottom of my heart, that supplements that are not produced by good quality companies are a waste of time and money. There are companies that make over the counter supplements that offer quality. The really good nutrient companies tend to sell only to practitioners.

I have a number of ways to evaluate your nutritional status.

  • Integrative Blood Chemistry is based on standard blood work of a Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (kidney, liver and electrolytes), CBC with differential, Lipid Profile (cholesterol) and Thyroid evaluation. We have a computer program that evaluates what nutrients you need. This evaluation needs to be followed about every three months since your nutritional and physical condition will change.
  • Nutra-Eval is done by Genova Diagnostics and evaluates your metabolism to see what nutrients you are missing.
  • Micronutrient testing is done by SpectraCell Laboratory. It takes white blood cells from a blood sample and exposes it to a nutrient.  The white blood cell’s response to the nutrient tells us if you are in need of that nutrient.

This testing is not inexpensive. Considering what supplements cost and how many we take blindly, I feel any of the above is a wise investment that will repay you rapidly. If you are interested in nutritional testing and want to know which you should do, I am happy to talk with you to give you an idea of which fits your situation.  For an appointment contact us