Treatment Options For Fibromyalgia

FibrFibromyalgiaomyalgia is overall body pain that generally gets worse with exercise. I have been treating this condition since the 1980’s and have found it a difficult condition to relieve. Individualize attention to what contributed to the development of your pain can give us clues to how best and approach a solution.

We are developing new ideas about the cause of this generalized painful condition. People with fibromyalgia have a low pain t
hreshold, chronic generalized inflammation and frequently a history of trauma or injury from a fall, car accident or sports injury. They may also have a genetic design that does not allow for the appropriate pain fiber feedback.

nerve conduction

 Pain medication may be temporarily effective but has long term side effects and can be addictive. Currently the most effective treatments I have found involves

  • Electromagnetic manipulation,
  • Decreasing  inflammation
  •  Low dose naltraxone.

I continue to research options and have recently begun to look into medication that supports proper neuron-pathways in our pain feedback mechanism.  For more information click here.