I Am Not Well, My Doctor Says I Am Fine.

I don’t feel well. I have a list of symptoms that bother me. My doctor says I am fine but I don’t feel fine.


This is one of the most challenging complaints I hear.  When I worked  in the Harvard Medical Complex I learned about what western medicine does very well and what it ignores. I decided to focus my career on what they did not handle well, using more alternative and complementary medicine practices.

Not feeling well almost always comes from multiple issues that add up to improper nutrition, hormonal and/or digestive dysfunction, lack of exercise and a body overwhelmed by natural and man-made toxins. For this reason I work with special labs that conduct evaluations that the commercial labs do not.

I do not have a “protocol” to diagnose and treat you. I listen to your medical, social, spiritual history, and we discuss the options I see to unravel your unique problem. Come work with me and together we can do our best to resolve your issues.  Click here for more information.