Menstrual Problems


Menstural Cycle Graph

Menstrual periods can be quite problematic for us at different times in our lives. The “normal” period occurs between every 21days to every 32 days and lasts for 3 to 7 days.  Wide variations on this, including very irregular cycles can be perfectly normal for you. I have been working with women on these issues since 1976, and I have some unusual approaches to resolving them. I would be happy to see you and discuss your situation and options for care.

In Health Topics you will find the following topics discussed.

  • My Period Never Started
  • My Periods Started and Now They Have Stopped
  • My Periods Are Irregular
  • I have Very Heavy Flow During My Period
  • I Have Awful Menstrual Cramps Either Before or During My Flow
  • My Periods Stop and Start
  • I Have PMS
  • I Develop Vaginal Irritation Just Before or After My Period
  • Other Menstrual Problems