Products we offer

Going into a health food store. I am sure  you have seen the immense variety of supplements that you can buy. It is overwhelming. My personal preference for supplements is that you invest in high quality products and take less of them. I order supplements through  a number of  high quality companies such as Metagenics, Biotics Research and Thorne. We are able to order these supplements for you and have them shipped to your address, saving you the hassle of shopping around.

Annie's Office-27If I put you on a regime of nutritional supplements, I prefer to order them for you. This allows us both to know you are getting what I prescribed. Supplements ordered by me are tax deductible, whereas those you buy yourself are not. I also carry in the office Supplements that I have found to be excellent and that are difficult t:o find elsewhere.

These include:

  • Breast Oil  Artemesia Herbs   A special combination of oils that is good for breast tissue. It helps women with dense or uncomfortable breast tissue. I also suggest the use of this oil to do a weekly or monthly breast message. Breast massage helps to maintain normal  lymphatic drainage of the breast tissue and is a different way to do a breast exam, reassuring yourself your breasts are healthy.
  • Blue Earth Dragon  Forest Herbs.  Blue Earth Dragon is a Chinese herbal decongestant that neither sedates or stimulates as it decongests,  I like it better than the pharmaceutical decongestants as, in our environment, they dry us out and make symptoms worse.  BED is good for colds and allergies.
  • Bio-Astin Nutrex  An excellent antioxidant for people dealing with inflammation, elevated blood sugar and allergies.
  • Bio-D-Emulsion Forte  This is my favorite source of Vitamin D. It is clean of any contaminants and is absorbed thru the membranes of your mouth.  I have found women over 45 often have trouble absorbing Vitamin D from the intestines. Oral absorption works better.
  • Ching Wan Salve. Chinese burn salve that is excellent for any burn, cut, abrasion or incision. It is antibiotic, analgesic and promotes healing. If you are experiencing pain the salve will decrease of ease the pain after application.
  • Forsythia  Forest Herbs  Excellent Chinese remedy for a dry, non-productive cough. This kind of cough often follow a chest cold.
  • Gastrazyme  Biotic Research. Is used with anyone who takes NSAID ( Ibuprofen, naprosyn, Tylenol, aspirin)  on a daily basis for pain. Gastrazyme protects the gastric and intestinal lining from the inflammation that NSAIDs cause. I also use it for intestinal infalmation, gas and bloating.
  • Great Lakes Gelatin.      Gelatin is used for people  with arthritis, joint pain, poor quality nail and hair. GLG if from organic, grass raised cattle. I have found it very helpful for anyone with joint pain.
  • LDA Trace Minerals.  I use these minerals with people doing a detox. I like them because unlike most OTC minerals, they have no toxic metals, even is very small amounts.
  • Metal Free. Body Health  Is a polypeptide that chelates toxic metals such as lead and mercury. It is sprayed into your mouth and absorbs thru your oral membranes. It chelates ( draws out) the toxic metal and makes an irrevocable (unbreakable) bond so the toxic metal is not loose to settle somewhere else in your body. Once bound, the toxic metal is removed thru the liver and bowel rather than through your kidney. I like this as unlike  the kidney,  the liver is able to regenerate  damaged tissue.
  • Night Time Leg Calm   Natures Inventory  I find this an excellent remedy for Restless Leg Syndrome. It is an essential oil applied over the coccyx.
  • Panic Attack  Artemisa Herbs  Helps quiet the anxiety response in women who are over stressed. It is for the panic attack and for less sever anxiety.
  • Probioplex Intensive Care  Metagenics  Is a very good pro-biotic support with all that is needed to support the bacteria in the intestines. If you have had trouble reestablishing normal intestinal bacterial culture even when taking a pro-biotic this is an important addition.
  • PSP 360  Is a polypeptide made from grains that feeds the mitochondria in our cells. I use this for women who are run down, over stressed or who are recovering from severe illness or cancer treatment.
  • Sylk Vaginal Lubricant. This is an excellent product. It is made from Kiwi Fruit and has no chemical additives. If you have oral sex, it has no chemical taste.

I use many other special supplements and we can order them for you as we decide that you will need them.

Before you come in to pick up a supplement, call  to confirm that we have the product for you. We can set it aside so it is there when you arrive.   If you are concerned about your supplement regimen and want to refine it call us for an appointment.