Speciality Testing

In my exploration for solutions to health issues that western allopathic medicine doesn’t handle well I have discovered labs that do “special” testing that offers information important to a plan that can resolve your health problem. I use these Labs to test for:

  • Toxic Elements which are heavy and toxic minerals such as mercury lead and uranium
  • Digestive problems including:  CDSA 2.0 that looks at yoDigestive problemur whole digestive process; Comprehensive Parasitology  to evaluate for bacterial balance and parasites; Anti-Candida Antibodies to see if you are effected by Candida, Food Allergies and Leaky Gut Syndrome.
  • Nutritional Status with either the Nutra-Eval or the Micro-nutrient Testing.
  • Genomics including Osteogenomics Profile, Estrogenomics Profile, Immunogenomic Profile, Detoxigenomics Profile and Cardiogenomic Profile
  • Hormones for menstruating women, perimenopausal women and menopausal women  We test with  blood and urine. We also test for Adrenal function with saliva and urine and Thyroid function with TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 and TPO antibodies.
  • Estrogen metabolism test that evaluates how you are breaking down estrogen in your liver to asses the danger for breast and uterine cancers.
  • Other tests that address rare and unusual issues.

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