Treating Fatigue and Exhaustion

Fatigue is the most common problem brought to medical practitioners.I have worked with Fatigue for years and have used a large number of approaches, some more successful than others. I am happy to prescribe sleep medication is nothing else works or until we get you some relief.  I like to avoid them if at all possible because most of them have side effects.  In discussing your situation we can asses what the probable problem is and also the best approach to resolve your fatigue.Fibromyalgia

There are many contributing factors and fatigue only rarely has a single  cause.

  • Under active Thyroid. Your thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone or you have an improper utilization of what thyroid you do produce.
  • Under active Adrenal. Our adrenal glands respond to stress. If we are under constant stress with no time to relax and reset the adrenal gland gets over stimulated and begins to function irregularly and eventually cannot function normally
  • Allergies  One of the main symptoms of allergies is fatigue.
  • Medications  If you are taking allopathic prescriptions a side effect of many of them can be fatigue.
  • Stress. If you are living  a very stressful life and feeling overwhelmed you will also feel fatigued. This is caused by stress effect on the biochemistry of your body. Stress also causes problems for the immune system. All of your hormone secreting glands are sensitive to stress. We all have stress. It is difficult to find anyone in our culture without it. Some stress is necessary to the body’s proper function. Hans Selye created the word stress and explained the way our bodies respond to it. We have an ability to respond to stress in a biochemical way that prepares us to run or fight.(Parasympathetic nervous system) Once away from the threat, we then relax, talk about our experience and celebrate our escape. (Sympathetic nervous system). Our current stresses do not usually show up as obviously as threats that can be run from or fought over. If we do not have the time to reset our nervous systems response,  we go into adaptation. In adaptation we are having the biochemical response to stress and none of the symptoms. If we stay in adaptation without addressing the problem we then go into exhaustion. The farther we are into this continuum the longer it takes to reset the system and to feel better.
  • Mixed viral infections. We are finding that unlike bacterial infections, viral infections don’t clear up. Virus can continue to live in our bodies quietly. We know this about HSV, HPV. I believe this is also true of influenza, mononucleosis and possibly there are viruses that we have not yet recognized.
  • Man made and natural toxic build up in your body. I have a free questionnaire for people who are not responding to treatment for fatigue. I have found that if you have a lot of toxins in your body, nothing is going to solve the problems you are having until we remove them through detoxification.
  • Malnutrition. If we have an improper digestion or inflammation in your intestines, you are unable to digest your nutrients. A body without proper nutrients cannot function properly.
  •   Depression. It is possible to be clinically depressed and feel tired all the time. Depression is not sadness, it is a lack of emotion and interest.

As you can see, the complexity of this situation requires a visit with us so we can asses what is involved.  Click here for more information.