Urinary Tract Infections….. Bladdar and Kidney

We understand that bladder infections are very painful and we try to handle them for you ASAP. Call us and we will set you up with a culture and get you on either herbs or medication.  You must be an established client for us to do this as I cannot prescribe without knowing you.

The symptoms generally involve:bladdar infection

  • frequent urination of very small amounts
  • burning with urination
  • a pain located just above your pelvic bone which is worse with movement such as a car ride
  • occasionally blood in your urine

Please keep in mind that the symptoms of a bladder infection can be caused by other issues that are not an infection.

Bladder infections are caused by a variety of bacteria  that are not all sensitive to each possible antibiotic. For this reason I suggest we either email you a requisition for a lab close to you where you can leave a sample, or you come to the office and give us a clean catch urine sample for culture and sensitivity. As soon as you have left a sample, you can begin on one of the medications that we use for UTIs. Once we get the culture results we will know if we are treating you correctly.

Kidney infections are associated with:

  • pain just above your waist in you back
  • a temperature over 101F
  • feeling tired and achy.

Kidney infections  must have a urine culture. which should be done as soon as possible.  You can then begin taking antibiotic as soon as possible. If you suspect a kidney infection, please let us know when you call.  Click here for more information.