Vaginitis Treatment Options

One of my clients asked me how I could spend my day looking at women’s vaginas. My response was that the vagina was a beautifully designed creation, and I feel honored to be able to see its workings on a regular basis. Our vagina is a warm moist place, a lovely place. Normally we grow a bacteria called  lactobacillus in the vagina. This bacteria excretes a slight acid which prevents other bacteria from taking up residence.   I have been treating vaginitis for over 30 years and know prescription medication and herbal remedies that work. I also have experience in working with women who have chronic vaginal irritations.


Stress can interfere with our immune system, as can grief and a poor diet (especially eating a lot of sugar, alcohol  or simple carbohydrates). All of this changes the internal environment which supports the growth of bacteria, fungus and parasites. These cause odor, itching and or irritation.

Basically there are three groups of pathogens that cause vaginal infections:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Parasite.

Click here for information about each of these and their treatments.