Women’s Health Exams

Do I need an annual exam?

There are two approaches to health/illness. One is to wait until illness occurs and then to treat it. The other is to check on your health status regularly to pick up patterns of imbalance before they become disease and correct the pattern. Each of us can decide how we want to approach our own health. If you are using medication, a routine history and exam is important to be sure the medicine is doing what is wanted and not causing problems.

menopausal womenI believe in preventative disease care. You may have years of annual exams that are normal and some consider that a waste of money and time. For me, the reassurance of a normal annual exam decreases  stress. I often find something going on like a sugar balance or lipid profile that is just beginning to change towards disease. We can intervene without medication to turn this progression around. Sometimes we deal with cervical polyps, or vaginal infections that you didn’t know you had.

In my practice, if you are in treatment for a functional illness or are using a prescription medication, I believe you should have a yearly  history and physical exam. I am aware that many alopathic practitioners are not doing a physical. They take a history, look at labs and prescribe.  For more information click here.

I believe that I learn a great deal of important information about you and your issues by doing a hands on physical exam.  Contact us to schedule your exam.